Greater Hanoi autonomy erased from Capital Law draft

TN News

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Clauses that would give Hanoi authorities the right to issue laws different from those of the central government have been wiped off the Capital Law after lawmakers said the move would be unconstitutional.

But the revised draft of the proposed law recently issued by the Ministry of Justice on its website stated that authorities in the capital would still be allowed to impose fines higher than those regulated by the central laws.

Also removed from the draft are stricter requirements for Hanoi residency applications, according to the latest website statement, which has been posted in a bid to attract public feedback.

First issued last month, the draft of Capital Law sought more rights for local authorities and stricter requirements for residency application, with its drafters arguing that Hanoi needed unique laws as the nation's capital.

However, a meeting of the National Assembly's Standing Committee early this month, legislators said the changes would violate the country's constitution, which does allow for Hanoi to be governed by different laws than those imposed by central government legislation.

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