French president hails preservation of Hanoi Old Quarter

VNA/Thanh Nien News

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Smiling Francois Hollande in Hanoi's Old Quarter Smiling Francois Hollande in Hanoi's Old Quarter


Visiting French President Francois Hollande has suggested Hanoi authorities step up the conservation of the Old Quarter for future generations.
Taking a stroll from Ma May street to Hang Bac street in the Old Quarter on September 6, the French leader received warm welcome from Hanoians and tourists.
He was introduced to the history of the Old Quarter, which was associated with the formation and development of Hanoi, with traditional handicraft and trade guilds as unique features.
Hanoi's Old Quarter, boasting a total area of 81 hectares, is located on ten wards of Hoan Kiem district: Hang Bac, Hang Buom, Hang Bo, Hang Bong, Hang Ma, Cua Dong, Ly Thai To, Dong Xuan, Hang Gai, and Hang Dao.
According to the management board of the Old Quarter, the high population density here - up to 84,000 people per square kilometer, has been a great challenge to the conservation.
Hanoi has cooperated with Toulouse, a French city, in upgrading an ancient house in Ma May street and other facilities in the quarter, the board officials said.
President Hollande also visited Kim Ngan temple, which serves as a place to observe local cultural and spiritual activities.
 French President Francois Hollande visits Kim Ngan temple. Photo: Phan Hau
 Local specialty treat for the French president in Cong Cafe in Hanoi: milk coffee, moon cake, mung bean cakes, and young rice cakes. Photo: Phan Hau
Earlier, he met with Vietnamese students who studied in France.
He met with Vietnamese leaders to seek to step up the ties between the two countries during his visit to Vietnam from September 5-7.

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