EU looks to enhance trade ties with Vietnam

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Two-way trade between the European Union and Vietnam is flourishing and the regional body wants to boost it further, Swedish ambassador to Vietnam Rolf Bergman said Wednesday.

Bergman was addressing a press conference in the capital city to mark Sweden's taking over the EU presidency.

The Swedish envoy also said that the UN summit on climate change in Copenhagen, Denmark, in December this year is expected to benefit countries severely affected by climate change, including Vietnam.

The EU is willing to work with Vietnam to prepare and negotiate a new treaty on climate change to be signed at the upcoming summit in Copenhagen, he said.

Sean Doyle, ambassador and head of the EC Delegation to Vietnam, noted that the EU has carried out many cooperation programs with Vietnam in a number of fields, and it will continue to promote ties with Vietnam in the spirit of the long-standing ties of friendship between Vietnam and Sweden.

He also expressed hopes that the EU and Vietnam will complete negotiations for their partnership and cooperation agreement before the 8th ASEM summit, which is being held in Belgium in October 2010.

The agreement covers a wide range of issues, including the environment, climate change, development cooperation, trade, and science and technology. It will replace the 1995 EU-Vietnam framework agreement on cooperation.

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