Draft law proposes Party chief oversee anti-corruption work

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An amended anti-corruption bill which would remove the Prime Minister from acting as head of the Anti-Corruption Steering Committee was submitted to the National Assembly on Friday.

Under the bill, which is proposed by Government Inspectorate chief Huynh Phong Tranh, control over the Anti-Corruption Steering Committee would shift from the PM to the Communist Party general secretary.

Accordingly, the committee would work under the authority of the Politburo, with Party general secretary being the head of the committee.

Nguyen Van Hien, chief of the National Assembly's Judicial Committee agreed with the amendment.

"The change (will) ensure that the Party Central Committee will have consistent leadership power over the whole political system in the fight against corruption," Hien said

The amended Anti-Corruption Law will be discussed in group meetings by National Assembly deputies. By the end of the NA session next month, the deputies will vote to approve the law.

The draft law also stipulates that leaders of state-owned groups, including board members, general director, deputy general director and chief accountant, must publicize their annual income, including salary and other bonuses, between April 1 and 30 every year.

Vietnamese legislators are attending the 4th session of the 11th National Assembly that begun in Hanoi October 22 and is scheduled to run through November 23.

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