Chinese ship rams, damages Vietnam coast guard’s vessel

By Trung Hieu, Thanh Nien News

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A Chinese ship which rammed and damaged a Vietnam Coast Guard's vessel on Sunday. Photo: Trung Hieu
A Chinese ship tasked with guarding that nation's illegally positioned oil rig, rammed Vietnamese coast guard vessel CSB 2016 on Sunday, leaving four holes in the ship's starboard hull.
At around 4 p.m. on Sunday, a group of Vietnamese coast guard and fisheries surveillance vessels anchored 12 nautical miles from the Haiyan Shiyou-981 rig spotted a phalanx of five Chinese vessels approaching from the direction of the rig.
A Chinese tugboat coded 32 led the line and approached a Vietnamese fisheries surveillance ship, which switched on loudspeakers and demanded that the Chinese vessels leave the area.
Soon afterward, the tugboat fired a water cannon at the ship.
A Vietnamese coast guard ship coded CBS 2016 moved slowly and approached the tugboat, inspiring a Chinese ship coded 46105 to speed toward CBS 2016.
The Vietnamese coast guard vessel attempted to flee, but after a five-minute chase, the Chinese vessel pulled up along its starboard side and began blasting it with a high-powered hose.
Senior-Lieutenant Quan Trong Duong, the captain of the CSB 2016, ordered crew members to shut all of the ship's windows, just as the Chinese vessel rammed into its hull. 
Following a staggering impact, Captain Duong sped away from the scene.
A cat and mouse chase continued. The Chinese ship continued to approach the CSB 2016 from the right side and blasting a Vietnamese crew member as he filmed its attacks.
It wasn't until 6 p.m. that the Chinese ship ceased its pursuit.
The CSB 2016 was left with four large holes in its starboard side--the largest of which measured 40 cm in length and 7 cm in width. One of the holes was just 40 cm from the waterline.
Crew members used objects to plug the holes and prevent water from spilling into the vessel.

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