Book on land border with China published

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Vietnamese authorities have for the first time published a book on the land border with neighboring China, local news website VietNamNet said Wednesday.


"Bien gioi tren dat lien Viet Nam Trung Quoc" which translates into "The land border between Vietnam China, is jointly published by the Authority of Foreign Information Service at the Ministry of Information and Communications, the National Border Committee at the Foreign Ministry, and the Vietnam Association of Historical Sciences.


The Vietnamese book, with map illustrations, tells the story of the formation of land border lines between Vietnam and China through different reigns and provides updates on the border location as agreed between the two countries through different stages.


It also provides basic information on the negotiations between the two countries, including those that led to the signing of a convention on identifying land border on December 31, 1999, then the planting of border landmarks that was completed at the end of 2008, and most recently the convention on border management and border gate regulations that became effective starting July 14, 2010.


There're parts providing international legal foundations for solving border disputes and basic principles to deal with complicated situations concerning border issues.


The confirmation of the border is expected to help Vietnam and China maintain peaceful and friendly ties and lay a platform for stable cooperation.


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