Be more media friendly, Vietnam PM tells gov't agencies

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Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has asked government agencies to improve cooperation with the media by providing outlets with adequate information on a more regular basis.

A statement on the government website Thursday cited Dung as saying many government agencies have in the recent past made public statements in a very reluctant manner, just enough to show that they have done something publicly.

The leaders and the spokespersons of some government offices even avoided supplying information to the press, especially concerning issues drawing great public attention, Dung said.

Many agencies also provided the media with poor information about orders or regulations, which put them in the position of having to give further explanations or corrections, he said.

"Government agencies need to appoint spokespersons who have enough responsibility, quality and skills to process information."

When a situation concerning an agency draws a lot of public attention, the leader or the spokesperson of that agency, or those of the controlling one, have to actively give the media the official information, Dung said.

He asked the agencies to organize press conferences at least every month to provide timely information to the media, and have more online Q&A sessions or conversations on the government website.

The Ministry of Information and Communication should review implementation of the government's regulations on announcements and information dissemination in 2007 and 2008 to make necessary updates and corrections by December this year, he said.

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