13th National Assembly wraps up first session

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The first session of the 13th National Assembly closed Saturday.

In the last working day of the session, deputies approved a proposal by the NA Standing Committee to add the Vietnamese Law on the Sea to the agenda of the second session scheduled in October.

The Vietnamese Law on the Sea, submitted by the government, is expected to be approved by the NA by the end of the second session.

The NA also added three deputies representatives from the NA Judicial Committee, the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology to a 27-strong committee to study amendments to the 1992 Constitution.

The new committee will establish an "editorial board" consisting of experts and scientists who represent various circles and sectors and submit a draft of constitutional amendments to the parliament session late next year .

Later, a referendum on the amended constitution will be conducted between March and April 2013.

It is expected that the NA will approve the new constitution in October 2013.

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