106 Vietnamese workers still trapped in violent Libyan cities

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Egyptians rest on August 4 after crossing Ras Jedir' border, in Tunisia, to flee from clashes in Lybia. Photo: AFP Egyptians rest on August 4 after crossing Ras Jedir' border, in Tunisia, to flee from clashes in Lybia. Photo: AFP


Businesses are working with the labor ministry to hire special aircraft to bring 281 Vietnamese laborers home from the chaotic Libyan cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, an official at the Labor Ministry said Tuesday.

According to the director of the ministry’s Overseas Labor Management Board, Nguyen Ngoc Quynh, the agency has already evacuated 175 laborers from the cities where warring militias are vying for control of the country.
Another 106 workers will be evacuated to safer places in the next 48 hours.

“Guaranteeing ours laborers’ safety is our top priority,” Quynh told a Tien Phong newspaper reporter, adding that 682 others have flown from the war torn cities to Egypt.

“We're negotiating with airlines, including Vietnam Airlines, to bring the laborers from Egypt to Vietnam.”

Quynh added that the ministry is also planning evacuation flights for groups of laborers trapped in other Libyan cities between tomorrow (August 7) and the middle of August.

According to the plan, the laborers will be transported either by airline, overland or by sea to evacuation points in Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey and the island nation of Malta.

A representative from Vietnam Airlines said three evacuation flights from Egypt have been scheduled to begin on August 9.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung asked the labor ministry to use money from the Overseas Jobs Support Fund, to buy plane tickets for those workers whose employers cannot cover the costs.

Quynh told Tien Phong that funds for such cases are available for use.

“Our top priority is to safely move all our laborers out of the hotbeds of Tripoli and Benghazi, then fly them home.”

By Tuesday evening, there was around 1,550 Vietnamese laborers working in 15 provinces and cities in Libya, most of whom had made it to safe parts of the country.

Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs also announced two hotlines, +0084.918370497 and +0084.948948458 to provide timely support to workers trapped abroad. 

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