Woman dies after doctors fail to remove dead fetus

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Health officials in the southern Vietnamese province of Tien Giang Wednesday demanded an explanation from a hospital for the death of a woman whose dead fetus was not removed by doctors.

The woman, Tran Thanh Nguyet, 32, was rushed to Tien Giang Obstetrics-Gynecology Hospital on September 7 after a scan at a private clinic found her baby had died.

Doctors at the hospital performed another scan and confirmed the fetus' death, but did not perform a surgery to remove it. Instead, they decided to wait for her to "deliver" the 41-week embryo.

Nguyet died two days later of breathing difficulty.

The police are also investigating.

This is the latest in a series of pregnancy-related deaths in Vietnam since April, including in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Several doctors have been suspended and lost their work permits for malpractice.

The Ministry of Health admitted in July that obstetric complications remain a challenge in Vietnam.

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