When the sun is not a life giver

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Sunstrokes could occur at any time, causing normal people to suddenly faint, convulse, or go into a coma. In serious cases, death could occur.

As the season changes from spring to summer, especially on very hot days like during the past weeks in Ho Chi Minh City and the rest of the south, it is very easy for people, especially young children and older people, to get sick.

Traditional doctor Hoang Chau explains the things we need to know to prevent this.

Excessive heat makes us sweat a lot, leading to lack of water. It also causes the external blood vessels to swell, reducing the amount of blood returning to the heart and brain. That is why people often faint.

It usually happens to people working in the sun for a long time (like bricklayers, road workers, athletes, and farmers) or people who have to travel a lot.

To avoid fainting, it is best to minimize the time the body is exposed to the sun. When people feel tired or their heart beating faster than normal, they should immediately go into the shade to rest and drink a lot of fluids.

Sunstroke could occur in hot weather when the body is exposed to excessive heat for too long. The main symptoms of sunstroke are high body temperature (of up to 41OC), a lot of perspiration, hot and dry skin, and low blood pressure.

It is important to keep in mind that sunstroke can cause damage to the brain, a coma or even death. To avoid sunstrokes, simply do not work very hard in the sun. If you feel dizzy or faint, you should stop working immediately and go and rest in a shady place.

It should be noted that sunstrokes occur suddenly, causing normal people to faint, convulse, and go into a coma. This is very serious and could cause death.

Some simple traditional treatments for sunstroke:

* Wash a handful of hương nhu (holy basil) leaves (about 50g), crush them and add 1g of salt. Put it in 150ml of boiled water, stir the mixture, filter it and drink the whole thing. If the patient is still tired and thirsty two or three hours after drinking it, give him or her another such drink.

* Wash 30g of holy basil leaves and 30g of bamboo leaves. Boil them in 300ml of water along with three slices of fresh ginger. Boil it until about 200ml is left and give to the patient to drink.

* The ingredients are the same as above, but boil them with fresh centella asiatica and pueraria root (12g each) instead of ginger. An adult can drink that amount in one time. Twice a day should be enough.

For children, amounts vary depending on age.

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