Vietnamese woman suffers breast necrosis after silicon enlargement

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Doctors in Ho Chi Minh City have performed surgery the victim of phony cosmetic surgery who suffered severe necrosis from silicon injected to her breast.

Doctor Tran Van Duong from the othorpedics department of the city's leading hospital, Cho Ray, said the surgery took his team 14 hours last Wednesday to remove more than one kilogram of silicon around the woman's breast, her damaged skin, and to cover the breast with a 26x24 centimeter piece of skin grafted from her thigh.

Duong told Tuoi Tre Thursday the woman was one of the worst cases of necrosis he ever operated on.

She has become stable and is discharged Friday, three months after which she will receive cosmetic surgery to reform her breast shape, he said.

The 27-year-old patient said she received the breast enlargement shots early in 2011 at a beauty saloon in the city.

"I want more beautiful breasts to feel confident, but I was afraid of surgical intervention, so I read about silicon injections online and I learned that they were against doctors' recommendation.

"But the doctor at the saloon told me they were not giving me silicon but some substance that enhances the breast fat and it will dissolve by itself in one year or so."

She said she was convinced after the doctor presented a card proving that she was working for a foreign hospital in the city and had a diploma from overseas study.

The victim then paid VND24 million (US$1,140) for four shots, while some women have paid double that for even larger doses.

More than ten women received similar shots the same day as her, she said.

The woman said her breast became red after one year, but she was pregnant and could not receive treatment.

She had some of the silicon removed at Cho Ray last July, and was forced to come back as the breast continued to look red and became hard.

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