Vietnamese doctors remove 5-kilo tumor from newborn

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P.B.V, the one-week-old baby has had a 5-kilogram tumor successfully removed by surgeons on December 11 at Vietnam-Germany Hospital in Hanoi.

Pediatric surgeons successfully removed a 5-kilogram tumor from a one-week-old baby in Hanoi on December 11.

One day later, the boy, identified only as P.B.V., was recovering well, urinating normally, but would remain at the hospital's ICU for some time, doctors were quoted as saying in Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper.

P.B.V.'s tumor was more than 2 kilograms, nearly half of his weight when he was born on December 5 via C-section at the National Ob-gyn Hospital.

A week later, the tumor had grown to around 5 kilograms.

The tumor was rooted in the infant's coccyx, which according to the doctors is a rare congenital malformation that occurs once per 25,000 babies in the world.

It caused P.B.V. to keep his legs spread wide at all times.

Doctor Nguyen Ngoc Loi, director of the Infant Department at Vietnam-Germany Hospital, said his colleagues decided to remove the tumor as it was threatening the baby's life.

The baby was transferred to Vietnam-Germany Hospital on December 10 for the operation.

Dr. Tran Ngoc Bich, the chief surgeon, said the tumor was fluid containing head skin, hair, two legs, one shrunken hand, a stomach, intestines and a bladder.

But she said it did not have a face, spinal cord, or skull, which would classify it as a conjoined twin.

She said the surgery was hard from the very beginning, as the baby's veins were too small to anaesthetize.

The tumor had grown into the rectum and the coccyx, and the surgeons had to be careful not to remove the rectum by mistake, the doctor said.

She said the surgery took more than two hours and it was the first time Vietnam-Germany Hospital removed such a big tumor from a newborn.

Doctors at the National Ob-gyn Hospital where the baby's 24-year-old mother had regular checkups throughout her pregnancy said the tumor had been detected early.

But the mother was advised to keep the baby and have his tumor removed surgically later.

Doctors said the initial success might allow the baby to grow up and live normally like other children.

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