Vietnamese doctors reattach woman's torn scalp

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A worker in the north-central province of Thanh Hoa has undergone a scalp reattachment surgery after her hair was rolled into an operating machine, which left the skin on half of her head flayed and torn to pieces just over a week ago.

The reattached parts now have hairs growing on them, but Le Thi Huong, 38, a worker at a leather shoes factory, told VnExpress on Wednesday that every thought about that machine still causes her to shake with fear.

Huong said she was grinding shoes' soles that evening (January 17) as she normally did; but then she bent down to pick up a sole when the accident occurred.

Frightened, she asked another worker to turn off the machine. But her colleagues were so panic-stricken that it took them a while to do it.

She was rushed to a local hospital before being transferred to Hanoi at 3 a.m. the next day with pieces of her scalp kept in ice.

Doctor Dao Van Giang of Viet Duc Hospital told the news website that doctors first joined the biggest piece near the temple with an artery on it.

Huong sits on her hospital bed in Hanoi-based Viet Duc hospital

The smaller pieces contained no arteries so they could not reattach them. Doctors only took a thin layer among five layers of each scalp piece to cover the skull inside, he said, adding that her hair on this part of the scalp would never grow again. The surgery lasted ten hours.

Giang had said it was a "difficult case" with a low possibility of success.

He wasn't the only one surprised and happy to be proved wrong.

"I didn't dream that I'd live through this, let alone the thought that my scalp would be better and growing hair once again," said Huong.

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