Vietnamese conjoined twins die from respiratory failure

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The conjoined twins, erroneously and disrespectfully referred to by the media as a "two-headed baby girl", died Sunday from respiratory failure at a Ho Chi Minh City hospital.

Dr Dao Trung Hieu, deputy director of the Children's Hospital 1, told Thanh Nien the conjoined twins' health had deteriorated a day earlier.

They had digestive hemorrhaging, difficulty breathing, and their skin was turning purple. They later fell into a coma and died on Sunday.

According to doctors, the death was predictable given the fact that the twins had two complicatedly conjoined hearts and pulmonary artery malformations.

The twins were born to a 35-year-old woman from the Mekong Delta province of Soc Trang on October 12 with two heads, two brains, two hearts, two stomachs, two legs, one liver, one vagina and one anus.


Surgery to separate conjoined twins risky, Vietnamese doctors say

One day after birth, they were transferred from the Soc Trang General Hospital to Children's Hospital 1 in HCMC for more advanced treatment.

The doctors later decided not to perform a surgery to separate the monozygotic twins because the procedure would have been too dangerous.

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