Vietnamese cancer fighter shares her hope and strength in pictures

By Nhu Lich, Thanh Nien News

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Nguyen Khanh Thuong, who is in the last stage of breast cancer, has published a series of photos of herself to promote awareness for cancer. 
Thuong, 32, said the photos carry the shared message "Not Beyond Us" of World Cancer Day, February 4.
The annual initiative of the Union for International Cancer Control this year highlights the importance of cancer treatments and their availability. 
The photo collection, named "Beauty of Pink," has been shot by Australia-based photojournalist Yenny Tran.
Tran borrowed the words of UK-based writer Julie Perkins Cantrell to talk about Thuong: "She has the spirit of the sun, the moods of the moon, and the will of the wind."
Thuong, a former teacher at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Hanoi, was diagnosed with final-stage breast cancer in October 2012, just three days after her engagement ceremony.
“I had to cut my hair and my breasts, but there were things that I would never give up even in my hardest moments, which are love and hope. I want unfortunate women to know that belief and love for life are even stronger than our fear," Thuong said.
She asked women with breast cancer not to be hopeless.
"If you're in the first, second or third stage, keep hope and trust in the treating process. Even if you're in the final stage, you can still live your remaining days meaningfully," Thuong said.
Thuong founded the Breast Cancer Network Vietnam in March 2013, with hopes of increasing the rate of early detection and increasing life quality for women with breast cancer.
She now lives with her husband in Australia.

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