Vietnamese boy diagnosed with werewolf syndrome

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A 12-year-old boy in the central region's Quang Binh Province has been diagnosed with hypertrichosis, also known as the werewolf syndrome.


Identified only as Hoang, the boy was born with grey skin covered with fur and he has lived with the complex since, news website VnExpress said in a Thursday report.


More fur has appeared and his skin hs become darker over the years. No treatment by local medical centers have worked on him.


Many people in his neighborhood in Hung Thuy Commune, Le Thuy District, call him "jungle boy" or "werewolf." Hes father was so frightened he left the family when Hoang was a little boy, said his mother Vo Thi Nghiem.


The boy is attending seventh grade but "every time he hears someone say anything like jungle, wolf or fur, he would ask to quit school," Nghiem said.


She said that the fur has got thicker and the skin has turned the color of ash.


Only the skin on his face, arms and below the knees is normal, Nghiem said.


The mother said Hoang went through hot days with great difficulty because of the fur.


A doctor from the Hue Central Hospital said that Hoang has hypertrichosis, a syndrome with abnormal amount of hair growth on the body, the report said.


The first recorded case of hypertrichosis was the Spaniard Petrus Gonzales, documented in 1648. Two daughters, a son and a grandchild in the family all had the same syndrome.


Approximately 50 more cases have been observed since, the news website said.


Scientists have not come up with an official conclusion on the cause of the disease as well as a treatment for it.


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