Vietnam woman 'delivers' just 1 baby after scans showed twins

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In a bizarre incident, a woman who delivered at a Ho Chi Minh City hospital has refused to leave after doctors gave her just one child saying several scans had shown her carrying twins.

The doctor in charge claims to have made a mistake while analyzing the scans, and says Tran Thi Kim Hien, 28, only delivered one child.

Hien's family said she insists on staying at the Thu Duc General Hospital in District 9 until "the hospital gives her the other baby."

According to Hien, her husband Tran Vo Chi Tam, and mother-in-law Vo Thi Be Nam, Dr Vu Thi Thu of the obstetrics department performed an ultrasound scan on Hien before her delivery on July 15.

"Thu said Hien had a girl and a boy, and that one of the twins will be delivered naturally while the other required a C-section surgery," Nam said.

After the surgery Thu informed the family that Hien had given birth to just a girl.

"Thu said she had never seen such a case before and that she was very confused," Nam said.

"She told me to sign a paper admitting there was only one baby. I was confused and signed it."

Hien said she had ultrasound scans done 10 times at three different places, including a private clinic owned by Thu, and they had all shown her with twins.

Thu was among three doctors who did the scans for her, with the others being Ha Thi Tuyet Nhung and Nguyen Thanh Xuan.


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Nhung told Thanh Nien that she [too] may have "made a mistake" while reading the 2D ultrasound scan.

"The ultrasound image had an illusion," she claimed, referring to a possible ghost image in the scan.

Thu told Thanh Nien she had made a mistake in not making a "careful" clinical diagnosis of Hien.

"I can say with a doctor's heart that Hien gave birth to only one baby.

"There were other people who witnessed the C-section surgery.

"This [case] is a lesson for me."

On Friday Thu wrote a letter to Hien, pleading with her not to think that she may have done something to her [other] baby.

"It is the truth, there was only one baby. I did not lie.

"I really want you and your family to forgive my mistake."

Some doctors at leading obstetric hospitals that Thanh Nien spoke to said it was weird that all 10 ultrasound scans had been wrong.

The Thu Duc General Hospital has denied any wrongdoing or even malpractice by Thu.

Dr Tran Vinh Hung, its director, said leading obstetricians have been invited to a meeting Tuesday afternoon to discuss the problem.

"The meeting will be organized in an honest and open way.

"With scientific analyses and detailed facts, I believe the family will understand that Hien gave birth to just one child."

On July 20 the hospital held a meeting with the family members to convince them that Hien delivered only one baby

But they did not accept the explanation and refused to sign a paper to discharge Hien.

They said they would complain to local authorities.

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