Vietnam to establish national center on tissues, human organs

TN News

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Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has signed a decision to establish a national center in charge of coordinating the donation and transplants of tissues and human organs, the Vietnam News Agency reported.

The center, to be under the authority of the Health Ministry, will be based in Hanoi.

The center will be charged with receiving information about the donation of tissues and human organs, managing the list of donors and recipients, and storing and transporting tissues and human organs.

The center also will coordinate the donation and transplant of tissues and human organs between tissue banks and health centers across the country.


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Unofficial statistics show dozens of thousands of patients in Vietnam are in need of organ transplants.

The only source of organs available in the country comes from dead people, and the number of patients who receive organ transplants is very limited. In 2010, only four organ transplant surgeries were conducted among more than 1,000 dead patients at the Viet Duc Hospital.

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