Vietnam sees 44,000 cases of hand-foot-mouth disease

Thanh Nien News

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The Ministry of Health has reported 44,000 cases of hand-foot-mouth disease nationwide this year, including five fatalities, all in the south.
“The number of cases is down 30 percent from last year,” Tran Dac Phu, director of the ministry’s Centre for Preventive Health, said.
“However, the fatality threat remains if patients are not hospitalized early.”
HMFD cases have been reported in almost every locality, with the highest number being in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
Phu instructed health agencies in southern localities to remain wary of EV71, the deadliest strain of the HFMD virus.
Last year Vietnam recorded more than 76,300 cases.
Doctors have urged people to maintain hygiene at home and in public areas as the disease spreads through contact with human waste and body fluids.
The disease is considered highly dangerous as it can quickly give rise to fatal complications like respiratory decline, meningitis and heart muscle inflammation.
Treatment requires the use of respirators and blood dialysis.

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