Vietnam resumes use of swine virus-contaminated vaccine

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The Drug Administration of Vietnam Monday announced that the use of a British-produced diarrhea vaccine will be resumed nearly four months after it was halted due to contamination of a swine-based virus.


The resumption follows GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) reporting that studies of the vaccine Rotarix TM, which was found containing the DNA of the PCV-1 virus living in pigs, had found that it was safe for use.


The virus had been discovered in the vaccine by European researchers late March.


The DAV has asked GSK had to inform related agencies of changes in the vaccine's safety standards.


The manufacturer was also ordered to cooperate with distributors and agencies that use the vaccines in closely observing post-injection reactions on its target users.


Children from six weeks onwards administer the vaccine by mouth to deal with the viral infection rotavirus which causes diarrhea and vomiting.


The US Food and Drug Administration also announced on its website recently that after a careful review of various scientific information, it had concluded it was okay to use the vaccines.


The virus isn't known to cause any infection or illness in people, the FDA said.

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