Vietnam records about 100,000 dengue cases annually

TN News

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Vietnam is one of the six countries worst affected by dengue fever in Asia Western Pacific with some 100,000 cases reported every year, according to a conference held in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho Wednesday.


Statistics showed that it cost US$41 to treat a mild case, and $127 for critical one in 2006, so the mosquito-borne disease has become a burden on people's with low incomes, experts told the conference held by the Ministry of Health.


The sickness poses a high risk of death because vaccines and a specific remedy are not yet available for the dengue, according to the ministry.


Patients from southern provinces account for 80-85 percent of the nationwide cases, the ministry said.


The meeting was organized in response to the ASEAN Day of Dengue Fever (June 15), which was launched this year, with the participation of representatives of the World Health Organization, and ASEAN countries' consulate in Vietnam.


WHO said the Asia Western Pacific recorded the world's highest cases of dengue fever with some 350,000 patients and 1,070 deaths reported last year.

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