Vietnam records 57,900 HFMD cases in first half year

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Vietnam recorded 57,900 cases of hand, foot and mouth disease over the first half of this year, including 29 casualties, the Vietnam News Agency quoted a report from the General Statistics Office as saying.

Nguyen Van Binh, chief of the Department of Preventive Health under the health ministry, said the number of HFMD cases in Vietnam is on the decline, given that only 1,900 cases were reported per week in June and July as compared to the 3,000 cases in May.

In the meantime, 23,200 cases of dengue fever, including 11 deaths, were recorded over the same period, according to the report.

The General Statistics Office also said another 1,200 HIV cases were detected across the country last month, bringing the total cases of people living with HIV in Vietnam to 256,400 as of June this year.


Among them 104,000 people have proceeded to the stage of full blown AIDS, while 53,000 have died, it said.

Since the beginning of this year in Vietnam, 58 cases of food poisoning have affected over 1,900 people, killing 14, the news agency said.

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