Vietnam recalls more DEHP-tainted drinks

TN News

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The Vietnam Food Administration (VFA) has ordered a Hanoi-based company to recall 12 drinks contaminated with the harmful plasticizer DEHP.

The YNG Shin Food Limited Company on Thursday reported to VFA inspectors that it used DEHP-tainted cloudy agent imported from Taiwan to make 12 kinds of juice.

The products include orange, carrot, guava, lemon, passion fruit, mango, kumquat, apricot, apple and soursop juice.

The VFA ordered the company to recall the drinks by June 20.

The same day, three companies in Ho Chi Minh City Gia Thinh Phat, Nhat Phu Quy and Ha Thanh reported they had recalled a total 22 products of syrup and other drinks with DEHP.

The VFA is still carrying inspection to detect DEHP-tainted products in the country.

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