Vietnam orders tests on American cancer-linked cosmetics

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Revlon cosmetics sold in a store in Vietnam / PHOTO COURTESY OF DAT VIET ONLINE NEWSPAPER

The Drug Administration of Vietnam has ordered tests on products made by US cosmetics company Revlon following reports they contain cancer-causing chemicals.

In a letter to Revlon's distributor in Vietnam, the Ho Chi Minh City-based Noi Ket Moi Services and Trade Co., Ltd, on Friday the agency ordered it to get the tests done by the city's Institute of Drug Quality Control.

The Ministry of Health also sent a similar order.

The media recently reported about surveys by American nonprofits The Breast Cancer Fund and The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics which found Revlon products containing carcinogenic and hormone-disrupting chemicals.

They said carcinogens butylated compounds (BHA, BHT), Quaternium-15, parabens, and carbon black were found in hair dyes, lip glosses, mascaras, pressed powders, eyeliners.

Endocrine disruptors like octinoxate were found in foundation makeup and resorcinol in hair dyes.

Also found in dyes was p-Phenylenediamine, a respiratory toxicant.

The organizations along with online women's group UltraViolet have demanded that the cosmetics giant stops selling the products containing carcinogens.

In response, Revlon threatened to take legal action against them.

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