Vietnam officers doubt update on clean school toilets

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Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training said at a meeting Thursday that more than 90 percent of schools in the country have hygienic toilets.


But participants suspected the figure is not real and the report is not sufficient, considering many headlines have been written about students holding their bladders and having kidney disease, news website VietNamNet reported.


The figure came from a review of five years implementing a government's decree on health care at schools, which total around 36,000 nationwide.


An unnamed participant at the meeting said many schools in Hanoi do not even have toilets, so how they can be assessed as hygienic or not.


During the beginning of this school year, which falls in August, Huu Bang kindergarten in Hanoi drew media attention by having only one toilet. Nearly 700 teachers and children there often used plastic bags instead.


In Hau Giang Province, which neighbors the Mekong Delta' capital city Can Tho, female teachers at a high school always choose to ride back home to use the bathroom because the few school toilets are dirty.


The teachers were  late for class and were rebuked, but they were too embarrassed to state the reason for their tardiness.



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Many parents in Ho Chi Minh City also said that they are familiar with the story of their children not feeling comfortable with school toilets and having to hold their bladders.


The participants also cited recent statistics at Viet Duc Hospital in Hanoi which show that every year the hospital admits around 1,500 children with bladder and kidney conditions.


The main reason for the conditions is that children hold their bladders too long, doctors said.


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