Vietnam newborn pronounced dead comes back to life

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A baby boy pronounced dead at birth came back to life two hours later in the hands of his father who was about to wrap him in a shroud for burial.

The boy born prematurely to Lu Thi Lam Quy, 29, of Quang Nam Province's Nui Thanh District, is undergoing intensive care at Quang Nam Children's Hospital.

At around 5 p.m. on Sunday, Quy, who was 22-weeks pregnant, was brought to Quang Nam General Hospital after she developed labor pains.

She was rushed to the labor room.

Thirty minutes later, a nurse carried a baby boy, wrapped in a towel, in her hands and told the family the boy, weighing 700 grams, had died.

She said the family should bring the boy home for funeral.

Nguyen Van Tin, the boy's 37-year-old father, said that two hours later when he was holding the purple body in his hands and about to wrap him in a shroud for burial, he saw the boy's hands moving.

He immediately rushed the boy to the Quang Nam Children's Hospital, where the boy was taken to intensive care room and put on a breathing machine.

Although the boy was breathing rather weakly and his eyes could not open, he was still alive, according to doctors.

The boy's body got warmer and his skin got pinker after treatment. Doctors said they will do everything they can to keep the boy alive, although he faces certain risks because he was too light and prematurely born.

The boy's family has condemned the Quang Nam General Hospital's doctors for being irresponsible.

"I require the hospital to punish doctors and nurses who nearly claimed the life of my child," Tin, the boy's father, said.

On Monday, Pham Ngoc An, director of the Quang Nam General Hospital, told Thanh Nien the boy suffocated when he was born.

He said the boy was then transferred to the resuscitation room for respiratory first aid.

As his heart stopped beating, he was declared dead and sent home, the doctor said.

An also said the hospital will review the responsibilities of nurses and doctors on duty that night to punish anyone who committed  wrongdoings.

The provincial Health Department has required the hospital to report on why doctors and nurses involved made the decisions that they did.

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