Vietnam man almost choked to death by live fish

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A man escaped almost certain death after a live 10-centimeter-long fish he had caught lodged in his throat and almost asphyxiated him before surgeons in Ho Chi Minh City removed it.

Trinh Ngoc Kha, 34, was transferred to Cho Ray Hospital Saturday with respiratory problems and inability to swallow from a hospital in the southern province of Long An.

Doctors in Trieu An Hospital had found the fish, a tilapia, lodged in the lower part of his larynx and were unable to operate to remove it due to the difficult location.

In Cho Ray, after an hour-long surgery on Monday, doctors managed to remove the creature.

Vietnamnet quoted an unnamed doctor as saying the man was "very lucky" since if the fish had been smaller it would have made its way into his airway, killing him.

According to Kha, on Saturday he had caught the tilapia and a goby in a field near his house. Since he had nothing to put the fish in, he kept them in his mouth so that be could catch more.

But when he laughed after being teased by his friend, the goby fell out and the tilapia went in.

When he rushed to Trieu An Hospital, the fish was still alive and wriggling in his throat, he said.

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