Vietnam hospital fixes man’s paralyzed limbs using stem cells

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Doctor Nguyen Thanh Liem (R) performs Vietnam’s first stem cell transplant at Vinmec hospital in Hanoi in March 2014. Photo credit: Lao Dong/Vinmec

A Hanoi hospital has successfully cured a man of paralysis using own stem cells.
Dao Cong T., 50, of Hai Phong, broke his spinal cord and suffered paralysis in his arms and legs following an accident.
Vinmec International Hospital injected adipose-derived stem cells into his veins and medullary cavity, according to a Phu Nu (Women) newspaper report.
The patient showed significant recovery ten days later and has been able to sit up, move, turn his body and hold things after a month.
The injected stem cells accelerate the creation of new cells and heal injured ones.
T. had received physical therapy at other hospitals but the treatment did not work.
Dr Nguyen Dac Nghia, head of the orthopedic department at Vinmec, said treating paralysis caused by spinal cord injuries is problematic.
Alternative interventions all involve invasive surgery.
Dr Nguyen Thanh Liem, a world renowned surgeon and director of the hospital, said early stem cell transplants should be conducted for any neurological injury.

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