Vietnam free of tainted imported food: agency

By Nam Son, Thanh Nien News

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The Vietnam Food Administration (VFA) announced on Thursday that no contaminated products have been imported into Vietnam this year.
Among the products were three Chinese soup stock powders recalled by the UK last month because they contained sulphites, which were not mentioned on the labels. 
The UK’s Food Standards Agency said the products named Suk Chuen, Chi Yum Yun Fai and Ginseng Bamboo pose a possible health risk for anyone who suffers from a sulphite sensitivity.
VFA said it had not licensed the importation of food products made by Taiwan’s Chi Mei Frozen Food Co. and Sheng Hsiang Jen Foods Co. The companies were found using tainted cooking oil last month and the products were recalled by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore.
In early September, a series of Taiwanese food safety lapses came to light after it was discovered that tainted cooking oil was being produced by Kaohsiung-based company Chang Guann Co. and branded as Chuan Tung Fragrant Lard Oil. The company was found to have blended cooking oil with recycled oil, grease and leather cleaner.
According to Taiwan's Food and Drug Administration, a number of companies made food products using the tainted oil, including well-known brands.

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