Vietnam doctors attach man’s penis cut off by jealous wife

By Thanh Tung, Thanh Nien News

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Doctors at a Ho Chi Minh City hospital have successfully reattached the nearly-severed penis of a man whose wife had sliced it off out of jealousy.
According to the 115 People’s Hospital, L.Q.P., 42, was brought to the emergency room at 11 p.m. Saturday with his penis cut two-thirds of the way.
Doctors successfully performed surgery to reattach it, but said it would take three months to see if the penis can function normally.
P.’s wife, who was not named, had been jealous for several months since he had a relationship with another woman.
P. was frequently absent from home and his mistress sometimes called his wife to  say unpleasant things, according to a source.
On Saturday evening his wife called him home, promising to buy him a car.
He went home and his wife plied him with a lot of beer. When P. fell asleep, she reportedly cut off his penis with a razor blade.
When he began to bleed severely, she bandaged the part and rushed him to hospital.

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