Vietnam discovers superbugs amid world concern

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As the world frets over a new enzyme capable of making bacterial strains resistant to most antibiotics, Vietnam's experts announced Thursday that they have discovered several "superbug" strains here.


The multi-drug resistance has mostly been discovered in "gram-negative" gut bugs, according to Nguyen Trung Cap, vice chief of emergency department at the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases.


Vietnam has yet to conduct any research on antibiotic resistant bacteria, so experts here can't say if the recorded superbugs carry the troublesome NDM-1 gene (also known as New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamose), Cap said.


Still, Cap warned that it is very likely that the new superbugs will enter Vietnam considering these bacteria are highly transmissible through person to person contact.


International researchers Wednesday said they have found NDM-1 in Britain and South Asia, mainly in patients who return from medical tourism in India.


The gene can easily jump from one strain of bacteria to another making its host highly resistant to almost all antibiotics, including the most powerful class, carbapenems, Reuters reported.


So far two types of bacteria have been found host to NDM-1: the gut bug E.coli, and another that can invade the lungs called Klebsiella pneumonia.


However, India has argued that its unfair to link the bug to its country, the BBC reported.

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