Vietnam aims to increase average height by 2030

TN News

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The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has submitted a project to improve Vietnamese physical strength and stature from now until 2030, local news website Vietnamnet reported Wednesday.


The project will include studies on factors affecting physical strength, height and nutritional care for students aged 6-18 and aims to increase the average men's height to 1.67 meters and women's to 1.57 meters, according to the news source.


It will also include improving sports programs and health care services at schools.

The drafteres of the plan have also expressed a desire to get physical strength, especially endurance, on par with levels in countries like Thailand, Japan and Singapore, it said.

According to the ministry, while Vietnamese height and physical strength have improved remarkably since 1975, they are still low on an international scale.


In fact, Vietnamese men now average about 1.637 meters, 0.131 meters lower than the international standard. Female height hangs around 1.53 meters, 0.107 meters under par, the ministry said.


The ministry also said that deficient physical activities have left physical strength among the nation's youth "very poor," Vietnamnet reported.


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