US funds Vietnam's HIV fight with $70 million programs

TN News

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The US Agency for International Development (USAID) last week announced it would fund two five-year programs that will assist the Vietnamese government and local partners to implement the national HIV/AIDS strategy through 2016.

One program, worth $45 million, funded under the US President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, will be implemented by the US-based nongovernmental organization FHI 360 to ensure strong and adequate delivery of quality HIV prevention, care and treatment services in the future.

Another $25 million program will be carried out by the world's leading research institute, RTI International, which will work in partnership with the Vietnamese government to implement its national HIV/AIDS strategy.

USAID assistance is focused on the prevention of HIV transmission among most-at- risk populations, including drug users and their partners, sex workers and their clients, the US embassy said in a press release.

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