Upmarket French-Vietnam hospital acknowledges fatal malpractice

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The upscale French-owned FV Hopsital in Ho Chi Minh City has accepted responsibility for a man's death following his appendectomy.

A source from the hospital said they would conduct a thorough investigation into his death, VnExpress reported Monday.

Last week, the Health Ministry and Ho Chi Minh City Health Department received complaints from Mai Thi Thu Trang, the daughter of the deceased Mai Trung Kien. Trang claimed her father died on August 11 as a result of a misdiagnosis by FV doctors.

The 57-year-old was rushed to FV with symptoms of appendicitis on August 8. Two days after Doctor Le Duc Tuan performed a two-hour appendectomy, Kien complained of chest and abdominal pains.

Trang said that FV doctors failed to conduct any scans. Instead, they tested Kien's blood and diagnosed him with a heart attack.

Kien was then transferred to Tam Duc, a famous private cardiology hospital, where doctors determined that his appendix had burst.

He was not, in fact, suffering from a heart attack.

Mai claims that Dr. Tuan had initially refused the family's requests to accompany them to Tam Duc hospital to assist with the check, He only arrived at the hospital to take Kien back to FV after learning that Kien was suffering from internal bleeding from his own cut.

The hospital learned, prior to the surgery, that Kien had heart problems and was taking anticoagulation medicine, Trang said.


Upmarket French hospital in Vietnam in hot water about man's death

FV's source said the hospital's directors and the leading physician in charge had met with the family on Saturday, "expressing their apology and accepting responsibility."

An appendectomy at FV costs VND30 million (not including related diagnostic scans and examinations) compared to around VND7-12 million at public hospitals. The cost is significantly lower for insured patients being treated at public hospitals.

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