Two-headed baby dies one day after being born in southern Vietnam

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A two-headed baby died one day after being born in the Mekong Delta province of Soc Trang on December 20, news website VnExpress exported.

The female baby was born with two heads, one heart, four limbs, one backbone and one vagina. Doctors said it was a case of conjoined twins.

Aside from the obvious deformities, the baby weighed 2.7 kilograms (5.9 pounds) at birth and was diagnosed as being malnourished.

Local doctors said the child would need special medical treatment but allowed her family to take her home later that day, while the mother stayed at the hospital.

There was no information available as to what caused the baby's death.

The mother, Danh Thi Hoang, was admitted to the provincial General Hospital on Thursday where doctors observed unusual symptoms and decided to perform an emergency C-section surgery to deliver her baby.

Hoang reportedly had only received one ultrasound scan at a private clinic during her eighth month of pregnancy; was informed she had twins, but was not diagnosed of any other abnormalities.

The girl was Hoang's first child. Hoang has remained in the hospital to receive postnatal care and has yet to learn that she gave birth to a two-headed girl or that the baby has already died.

Lam Thi Sanh, Hoang's mother, told the news website that she does not want to shock Hoang while she is recovering from childbirth, and has been telling her that the baby is fine.


According to the news website, the family of the baby is poor. Hoang works for a seafood company while her husband is a construction worker.

In October 2011, a two-headed baby in the same area died of respiratory problems eleven days after being born. Local news media reported then that the mother had received ultrasound scans during her pregnancy but doctors were unable to detect the abnormalities.

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