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The avocado is of "˜supremely high' nutritional value and has more protein than a cooked steak, says Dr. Yen Lam Phuc of the Hanoi-based Vietnam Military Medical University

 Avocados contain unsaturated fatty acids, especially oleic acid, which can prevent the accumulation of fat in the blood, arteriosclerotic vascular disease, and coronary artery disease. The avocado is commonly used in beauty products because it is rich in vitamin E, which can protect against fatty acids and prevent oxidization.

Though they are high in "no-nos" such as calories and fat, avocados are one of the healthiest things you can eat because theirs is "healthy fat" and they are chock full of fiber, potassium, folic acid, copper and vitamins C, B3, E and K.

Cholesterol reduction

Many people assume that the fat in avocados is bad for cholesterol, but in fact the buttery fruits (actually known as trái bơ, or "butter fruit" in Vietnamese) reduce cholesterol because their high fat content is of the unsaturated variety. Sticking to a diet high in unsaturated fat for three consecutive weeks helps reduce cholesterol significantly, studies have shown.

In addition, avocados retain and even increase "good cholesterol" and are therefore very good for people who suffer from cholesterol disorders.

Avocados contain unsaturated fatty acids, especially oleic acid, which can prevent the accumulation of fat in the blood, arteriosclerotic vascular disease and coronary artery disease.

Avocados also contain beta-Sitosterol, which prevents high cholesterol density by reducing the synthesis of extra cholesterol and absorbing it from the intestines.

Reducing diabetes in women

For women, avocados are believed to reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes. The oleic acid in the fruit also helps reduce the risk of developing complications from diabetes in women who already suffer from it.

The acid reduces fat disorders in the blood which are considered a main cause of type-2 diabetes. Oleic acid also reduces the arteriosclerotic vascular disease by reducing injuries to small blood vessels caused by complications from diabetes.

Anti-cancer properties

A study by Ohio University in the United States found that a fluid extracted from the avocado can restrain the development of precancerous cells in the soft palate.

Avocados can also prevent prostate cancer in men. Eating the fruit for a long period of time can reduce the likelihood of developing prostate cancer by 60 percent. Doctors often advice middle-aged men to eat the fruit regularly.

In addition, avocados are rich in beta carotene, an antioxidant which can easily be absorbed into the bloodstream and helps cancer patients by hindering the development of acute cells.

By comparison, an avocado and a glass of milk provide surprisingly similar nutritional values.

Avocados are of high nutritional value, with protein and unsaturated fat making up 15 percent. The unsaturated fat in avocados is very good for the heart and blood vessels.

Rich in vitamins A, E and C, avocados are thus also good for children's health. The protein in the fruit is an important nutritional supplement for the growth of kids, especially babies.

An avocado contains more than 14 vitamins and minerals, including potassium, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium, zinc, manganese and selenium. Most especially, the content of potassium in the avocado is high, 60 percent higher than the banana. The avocado also contains vitamins E and B6 and folic acid.

The avocado is also rich in antioxidants that can prevent cancers and cataracts, and they can slow the ageing process. The fruit is also an important source of folate, which women need more during the first weeks of pregnancy. According to some studies, 75 percent of infants have fractures in their spines due to a lack of folate during their mothers' pregnancy.

Additionally, the avocado has a low salt content and is high in fiber, lutein and carotenoid, all of which are good for our eyes and skin.

Oriental medicine

Doctors of Oriental medicine use the avocado to treat stomach problems and also maintain balance in the mind.

To treat stomach problems: use 300g of avocado, 150g of saffron and 50ml of honey. Steam the flesh of the avocado, then dry it. Dry saffron in the sun and crush it into powder. Mix them with honey to make balls the size of a corn kernel. Take them twice a day, five balls each time, with boiled water.

Western medicine

To keep a balanced mind, use 200g of avocado, 50g of jasmine, 30g of honey. The flesh of the avocado is steamed before it is dried with the jasmine and crushed into powder, which is mixed with honey to make balls of the size of a corn kernel. Take them twice a day, five balls each, with boiled water.

According to a recent Australian study, a diet rich in folate a kind of vitamin B found in avocados, cauliflower, dark green vegetables, bread and supplementary cereals can help prevent breast cancer.

Beauty treatment

People who eat avocados oftenly are provided sufficient folate, which helps regulate ADN and prevent gene abnormalities that cause cancer. This vitamin may also prevent genetic mutations. Some studies show that the avocado can also prevent colon cancer.

The avocado is commonly used in beauty products because it is rich in vitamin E, which can protect against fatty acids and prevent oxidization, helping to slow down the cells' process of growing old, helping the skin to look fresh and strong.

Vitamin A, potassium and phosphorous can help remove dead layers of skin, promoting the production of collagen that improves the look of the skin. The oil of the avocado also plays a role in reproducing and moisturizing the skin. Such oil increases the elasticity of the skin.

For an added layer of protection for hair, two cups of mayonnaise and half a mashed ripe avocado are mixed together and applied to moistened hair. Wait for at least 10 minutes for vitamins and minerals to penetrate the hair.

You can use a warm moist towel to cover the hair for 20 minutes to allow the vitamins and minerals to penetrate more deeply. Rinse the hair with warm water before rinsing again with cool water. This can help hair look shinier.

You can also mix the whites of a chicken egg with avocado flesh and olive oil to make a thick liquid and apply to your hair. Wait 30 minute before rinsing your hair with cool water.

Or you simply take a ripe avocado, mash its flesh and apply it to your hair. Wait for 15 minutes before rinsing it. Do it once day for seven consecutive days.

For an added layer of protection for facial skin, mash the flesh of half an avocado and mix it with yogurt to make a thick liquid. Wash your face and neck area before applying the mixture to that area.

Wait for about 30 minutes before wiping it with a dry towel. This layer of the mixture is especially good for skin which that dry or normal.


You can put green avocados in a paper bag at normal temperature to help them ripen quicker.

Don't store avocados in the fridge when they are not ripe yet. When they are ripe, you can store them in the fridge for a week, but you shouldn't cut them open because that will dry out the otherwise delicious oils in the fruit.

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