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A large number of lifestyle issues and current environmental changes such as unhealthy diet; increasing obesity rates; smoking; air pollution from transport, industrial gas, water pollution; foods containing toxins, or stress in modern life, etc. are big factors affecting fertility of couples, leading to serious consequences as miscarriage, preterm birth, or even infertility .

According to the latest epidemiological studies carried out by the Ministry of Health, 7.7% of couples are infertile in Vietnam. Thus there are over 1 million of infertile couples who should be examined and treated. Preterm birth and miscarriage are also two of the leading causes of perinatal mortality in children worldwide and in Vietnam. (Source: Nearly 8% of couples are infertile in Vietnam. Dan Tri Newspaper, 5 April, 2013)

Along with the development of technology, medical science also has made great progress. The invention of modern technology and medicines in treatment of miscarriage threat, preterm birth, or in infertility support has helped many couples welcome their new healthy members in happiness.

The infertility specialist doctors said that when getting married, everyone thought they could easily have children, but some people unfortunately suffer from infertility. This is a huge sadness. However, couples have been less daunting thank to many supporting infertility methods and one of the best methods is in vitro fertilization (IVF). To increase the success of this method, doctors will use progesterone for supporting luteal phase in IVF cycle.

Corpus luteum plays a very important role in the maintenance and development of pregnancy in the early stages. Corpus luteum mainly secretes progesterone - the main hormone affecting the endometrium in the luteal phase, creating good conditions for embryo implantation.

Progesterone can be used orally, intramuscularly and vaginal. The blood progesterone level in vaginal administration is higher than in oral administration and is maintained up to 48 hours. Vaginal progesterone has no side effects drowsiness or dizziness, vertigo due to not pass the metabolism in the liver. A great advantage of the vaginal administration is the very quick absorption of  uterine tissue .

Besides the great effect of progesterone in IVF, according to the guidelines of many leading medical institutions in the United States, Canada and Europe, micronized natural progesterone is the medicine that most of doctors use as the first-choice in miscarriage threat and preterm birth. This has really helped a lot of dads and moms around the world enjoy happiness welcome new healthy members.

In fact, from the medical and post-marketing statistics, there was more than 90,000 Vietnamese women treated with micronized natural progesterone (Brand name: Utrogestan) invented and manufactured by Besins Healthcare - in the infertility support of IVF regimens to gain the pregnancy and the prevention of preterm birth and miscarriage threat.

In Vietnam, doctors in Tu Du Hospital have used Utrogestan as a study medicine in the study "The efficacy of vaginal progesterone in the prevention of preterm birth" and have demonstrated the effectiveness of this medicine.

Talking with Besins Healthcare representative office in Vietnam, we know that Besins Healthcare is a multinational pharmaceutical company from Europe with a history of over 100 years and the main manufacture plant is in France. Besins Healthcare has expanded its global commercialization over 90 countries – specializing in research and development of reproductive health care and improving the quality of life in the obstetrics and gynecology. Besins Healthcare is also strongly developing in assisted reproduction, male menopause, traumatic brain injuries, food supplements... Especially, some products such as Utrogestan and Progestogel of Besins Healthcare have been in Vietnam for over 15 years through distribution partners.

In the grand opening of a representative office in Vietnam, there were the presence of Mr. Antoine Besins - Chairman & President and Mr. Leslie Grunfeld - CEO of Besins Healthcare. This shows Besins Healthcare’s desire in deeper commitments in our educational programs providing specialized gynecological information for medical staff and women in reproductive age; collaboration with government, community and professional organizations in the field of obstetrics and gynecology to build and develop reproductive healthcare programs- in order to improve the quality of life of pregnant women.

Life of Vietnamese people are gradually getting better, the better understanding of reproductive healthcare, prenatal examination at least 3 times before giving birth, early detection and treatment of risk factors causing preterm birth and miscarriage and the reduction of infertility rate, etc. are very necessary and will help women get their desire for pregnancy, laboring and nurturing a healthy baby for the future generation.

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