Surgeon suspended after removing patient's kidneys

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A surgeon in southern Vietnam has been suspended after removing both kidneys from a patient without her consent.

The 37-year-old patient, Hua Cam Tu, was admitted to Can Tho General Hospital early last month to have water removed from her left kidney.

Her husband signed a document giving the hospital permission to remove the left kidney in a worst case scenario, but the right kidney was supposed to remain intact.

Dr. Tran Van Nguyen, who led the surgery on December 6, said the woman bled a lot during the operation and she had a rare condition that caused the nerves of her kidneys to stick together. As a result, doctors had to remove both kidneys to stop the bleeding.

Nguyen was suspended indefinitely on January 3, news website Dan Tri said Wednesday. All doctors involved in the treatment received a rebuke.


Can Tho doctors remove two kidneys from patient without consent
Patient with no kidney put on dialysis

Tu on January 3 also started her journey to Hue Central Hospital for a free kidney transplant. Tu and her donor will be examined to check their health and compatibility, before a transplant operation can take place.

The transplant is scheduled to be conducted by the Tet break starting on January 23, if all exam results are positive. Otherwise, the hospital will find a different donor for Tu.

Twenty people have volunteered to give Tu one of their kidneys. However, only four of the volunteers -- two men and two women --are compatible with the patient.

Tu is receiving dialysis twice a day at Can Tho hospital.

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