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Nature is full of ways to keep your hair rich in color.

Our hair turns grey or white naturally as we get older. We generally tend to “silver” into “salt and pepper” hair around our mid-forties, however, white grey can often appear in the mid-thirties due to genetics or a diet low in vitamins. But even without the genes and diet, stress can make hair turn white even sooner, says herbalist Tran Duy Linh. But don’t despair the hair, we have some remedies.

Flowery knotweed

According to practitioners of traditional medicine, the root of the flowery knotweed (polygonum multiflorum, known as hà th ô Ä"˜á» in Vietnamese), which is bitter and harsh but also rather sweet, can be used to clean the kidneys, strengthen weak bones, protect the skin against UVB damage and prevent the premature whiting of hair and hair loss. Hà th ô Ä"˜á» can be combined with herbs like thục Ä"˜á»"¹a (rehmannia glutinosa), kỷ tử (Chinese wolfberries), or ngÆ°u tt (achyranthes root, or radix achyranthis bidentatae).

Herbalist Tran Duy Linh’s favorite remedy for premature whitening hair entails soaking 200g hà th ô Ä"˜á» with 20g black small beans for one night. The next morning, cover the soaking ingredients in a pan, add more water and cook for two hours. Then remove the hà th ô Ä"˜á» and let it dry under the sun. In the evening, re-soak the dry knotweed flower root with new black beans. Repeat the process seven more times. Dry the hà th ô Ä"˜á» in a pan over low heat. Then spread the roots on the ground and cover them with a cool frying-pan. Once the root has cooled, you can use it to make tea or grind up 20g to eat every day.

To use mulberry as a hedge against a premature silver mop, place one layer of berries in a jar and then one layer of sugar and so on until the jar is full. Then close the lid tightly and let it sit for 20 days. Then soak the concoction in 40-proof fermented sticky rice alcohol for two months. You can drink then a 50-ml dose of the remedy before meals every day.

By Thanh Tung

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