Spring up like a mushroom

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Edible mushrooms are not the "empty" foods many people think they are.

They can be transformed into many functional foods and medicinal dishes to help treat many afflictions, according to herbalist Kieu Ba Long, Dr. Hoang Xuan Dai and Dr. Tran Ba Thoai.

- For people with a low sex drive: Wash 50g of nm rơm mushrooms, 50g of dn cơm (edible amaranth) and 50g of white shrimp, then cook with two fresh soya-cakes in a pan with 250ml water. Eat the concoction three times a day.

- For the weak and elderly who are losing physical and mental strength: Wash and cook 200g of mushrooms and five jujubes with 350ml water until 200ml has been cooked away. Add 3g of ginger in the pan before eating the mushrooms. Enjoy the soup three times a day for seven consecutive days.

- For those with bad livers, low energy or trouble sleeping: fry 100g of mushroom with five trng cút (quail eggs) for dinner in the evening for 15 consecutive days.

Mushrooms are good for obese people wanting to lose weight and can help those with blood disorders, diabetes, atherosclerosis and hypertension.

Add citronella, ginger, pepper and chilis, known to have cooling properties, whenever you cook mushrooms in order to increase their medicinal value.

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