Specialized nutrition for diabetics with Glucerna Triple Care

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 1,5 billion people are overweight or obese worldwide, of which the overweight and obese adults, together with glucose tolerance disorders and diabetes will continue to increase. WHO's forecast indicates that by 2030, the number of people with glucose tolerance disorder will increase by 37% and diabetes 54%.

Currently, diabetes type 2 cannot be cured but we still control and prevent diabetes with a science diet and exercise regularly. The most important thing in treating and managing diabetics is glycemic control by reducing carbohydrate, choose the food with low glycemic index (GI), reduce trans-fat, eat more vegetables, particularly food with benefit for diabetics (apple, nuts, avocados, brown rice"¦) 

Some recommended nutritional strategies for diabetes and pre-diabetes that help improve treatment outcomes:

· Promote weight loss by reducing energy intake or increasing exercise

· Limit intake of saturated fatty acids and trans fat

· Replace energy intake from carbohydrate with MUFA

· Eat less food known to elevate glycemic index and fiber

· Use products that provide alternative energy and/or adjust the diet to optimize glycemic control and/or achieve weight loss. Glucerna Triple Care is a specialized nutrition product for people with pre-diabetes or diabetes from Abbott, with the new Triple Care formula provides a unique combination helping patients manage their blood sugar levels while supporting heart health and weight management, as part of an overall diabetes management plan. Globally, more doctors recommend Glucerna than any other diabetes-specific nutrition brand.

Glucerna Triple Care is scientifically formulated with a unique blend of ingredients to provide three key innovative benefits:

· Manages blood sugar (or glucose) levels:  its low glycemic index (GI), slow-release carbohydrate system with Sucromalt and Fibersol helps manage glucose response after eating;

· Supports heart health:  a unique, heart-friendly lipid blend rich in mono-saturated fatty acids (MUFA) and omega-3 fatty acids helps support heart health;

· Helps with weight management: contains a combination of ingredients including fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and is low in calories to aid in weight management, particularly, around the waistline.

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