Southern hospital dumps untreated medical waste

TN News

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A hospital in the southern province of Binh Duong has been found dumping untreated medical waste into the environment, local police said Wednesday.


An inspection carried out by the Binh Duong police's environment department (PC49) the same day found waste like syringes and bandages all over the Di An General Hospital's area.


The waste was also dumped into a drainage system leading to the nearby T5 channel, police said, adding that some five cubic meters of wastewater was being released into the channel per day.


The hospital's director Tran Khac Tai told police that they'd built a wastewater treatment system in 2006 with the capacity of 60 cubic meters per day in 2006, but because there were not many patients, the system was yet to go into operation.


PC49, meanwhile, said the hospital, which has 80 beds, failed to file reports on the environmental impacts and register sources of toxic waste as regulated.


Further investigation is ongoing, they said.

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