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Fourteenth-century physician Tue Tinh, and Chinese doctor Hua Tuo from the Eastern Han Dynasty during the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280 AD) made black sesame famous as a medicine used to treat broken bones and bone diseases.

To this day, traditional eastern doctors still use methods devised by Tinh and Tuo.

One of the late greats' remedies for broken bones that can be made at home:

Dry and pound some black sesame into powder. Mix the powder with honey or ginger quintessence. Cover the injured with a thick layer of around 10-15g of the mixture. This can help heal injured bones or tendons.

Black sesame is also a proven beauty product.

Researchers have discovered that the Vitamin E in black sesame can protect your skin and keep it fresh while intensifying the immune system and skin cell antibacterian.

You can chew and swallow 25- 40g of black sesame before having breakfast and going to sleep, then drink 50-100ml of sugar cane juice, which is made from dwarf sugarcane. Do it from five to ten days consecutively for more beautiful skin.

Or husk and roast 300g of black sesame for a succulent snack that acts as a skin beauty enhancer. Or wash 500g of young lá dâu tm (mulberry leaves) and dry it under the sunlight twice until the leaves wither. Remove their stems and dry them in a pan. Pound the roasted sesame and mulberry leaves separately. Mix them together with 50g of honey and roll them into one-gram balls. Eat 15 balls three times a day to look more beautiful.

- Pregnant women should cook 50g of black sesame and three spoons of honey with 100ml of water until the concoction is just 50ml. Then drink twice a day. Do it for three days for smooth and rich white skin. This will help the complexion of the mother's face and help her give birth more easily.

If women are having trouble breast feeding, suffer from wrinkles or abdominal pains, or suffer from bad circulation, then they should dry 30g of black sesame and mix it with a half of spoon of salt. Grind the ingredients and eat with brown (unmilled) rice for seven days.

- Middle-aged women should mix 200g of black sesame with 250g of nha Ä‘am (aloe vera) and 20g of grape juice in a blender and drink the beverage twice a day to beautify their skin.

- Men and women suffering from dry cough or constipation, or those who want to keep their skin beautiful and hair colorful, should dry 500g of black sesame in the sunlight. Then crush them into powder and keep them in a jar. Whenever you want to eat, take two spoons of black sesame in a bowl, and add sugar to taste. Pour hot boiling water in the bowl and stir the mixture until it becomes sweet soup.

- If you have indigestion, grind some black sesame to use in rice porridge, and add one dry mandarin peel. Season with salt and serve. The indigestion will stop after enjoying the remedy a few times.

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