Rare disorder forms uterus in Vietnamese boy

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Doctors in Ho Chi Minh City have performed surgery on a two-year-old boy to remove a uterus that formed in his abdomen due to a rare sexual-development disorder.

Speaking to Thanh Nien Friday, Dr. Pham Ngoc Thach of the Children's Hospital No.2 said the boy, from the Mekong Delta Province of Ca Mau, was hospitalized with just one testicle in his scrotum.

Doctors searched for his missing testis and ended up discovering a uterus in his abdomen, he said.

The boy has normal male sex glands and carries male chromosomes, he said.

He has been diagnosed with persistent Müllerian duct syndrome, which is caused by a genetic disorder, he said.

Doctors performed a surgery to remove the uterus and relocate his testis.

The boy has recovered and would grow up normally with his fertility unaffected, Thach, who headed the surgery team, added.

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