Quick! How do I dial 115?

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A recent survey by the Ho Chi Minh City Central Emergency Hospital has revealed that most people in the city don't know the emergency number 115, VnExpress reported Monday.


According to the survey of 2,175 people conducted  between September, 2008 and September, 2010, only 32 in every 100 people knew the number.


Others simply don't know the telephone code or mistook it with other numbers, the news source said.


VnExpress quoted Dr. Huynh Thi Thanh Trang, who heads the hospital's emergency department, as saying that more men knew the number than women.


People with higher education and those living in the city's central districts were more aware of the number than other groups, she added.


However, many of the people who know the number still opt to transport their relatives to the emergency room themselves, believing that it's faster, Trang said.


"People said that traffic jams caused by construction barriers are slowing down ambulances," she told VnExpress. "Many people had to wait for ambulances for so long, so they opted to call taxis to get to the nearest hospital."

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