Quang Binh man in coma after drinking scorpion wine

TN News

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Doctors at the Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Hospital in the central province of Quang Binh said Saturday there was no change in the condition of a local man who went into a coma after drinking scorpion wine.

The VnExpress newswire reported that Mai Van Tho, 53, was admitted to the hospital unconscious on Friday morning.

His family said Tho had symptoms of poisoning after he drank some scorpion wine early that morning. He said he had a terrible headache, then began vomiting blood and gradually lost consciousness.

He was rushed to hospital with dilated pupils.

Doctors said Tho had been has been placed in the intensive care unit.

Drinking rice wine in which whole animals such as snakes, scorpions and lizards are soaked is a long-standing tradition in  Vietnam.

People believe such wine can increase health, and in some cases, work as aphrodisiacs, but doctors of modern medicine warn they can be toxic and have deleterious health effects.

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