Premature ejaculation a common problem among Vietnamese men: survey

By Minh Hung, Thanh Nien News

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Doctor Mai Ba Tien Dung (C) of Binh Dan Hospital talking about premature ejaculation at the conference. Photo: Minh Hung Doctor Mai Ba Tien Dung (C) of Binh Dan Hospital talking about premature ejaculation at the conference. Photo: Minh Hung
One of every three Vietnamese men suffer from premature ejaculation but a majority haven't sought professional help for the problem out of embarrassment, according to a survey released on June 2.
Up to 81 percent of respondents reported problems in their sex life caused by premature climaxes, according to the survey, which polled 154 men and 158 women in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
The survey was conducted by the Italian pharma firm Menarini to study how premature ejaculation affected populations in Vietnam's two biggest cities.
It shows that up to 30 percent of the respondents reported suffering from premature ejaculation, of them only 23 percent consulted a doctor and 52 percent openly talked with their spouse about the issue.
The survey was released during a Monday conference in Ho Chi Minh City, chaired by Doctor Mai Ba Tien Dung who works in the Men's Health Department at Binh Dan Hospital.
Dung said premature ejaculation has adversely affected family happiness in Vietnam.
“Our ward examines for 180-200 patients a day -- 40 percent of them are seeking help for this problem.”
“Some were examined after living with the problem for two years; one man reported suffering from the problem for 30 years before seeking a medical help,” he said.
According to Dr. Dung, premature ejaculation is characterized by the expulsion of semen within a minute of commencing sexual activity
“The actual causes can be psychological mechanisms including problems in the serotonin receptors, which cause men to lose control of ejaculation,” he said.
He said the problem affects men’s pride and leads to emotional and relationship distress.
“Many patients reported being chilled by their partner's disappointed sighs, even when they're very soft.”
“Most men avoided the embarrassment by sleeping,” he said.
Dung said many women attempt to treat their partners by putting them on special diets -- some of which include animal genitals.
“Some women asked me why their husbands’ problem persisted despite the fact that he'd eaten many foods. They said: ‘eating a given [animal] part should improve the corresponding [human] part."
In other cases, acceptance and resignation on the part of the female partner prevented many men from seeking help from a doctor.
A survey of 105 men seeking help for premature ejaculation at Binh Dan Hospital found only 27 percent said their partners had complained about the problem.
Dung said treatment depends on the degree of the problem and advised couples affected by the condition to amend their psychology and take medication at the same time.
“Consulting a doctor is very important because many patients get on the internet and start buying medicines; most of those drugs only help alleviate erectile dysfunction and can actually make the problem worse.”

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