Papaya and its medicine

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Đu Ä‘ (papaya) is often called the fruit of the angels and can be used as an after-meal desert, as an ingredient in cooking, or as an all-natural medicine.

It is rich in enzymes that can help rectify digestive problems and curb viruses. It is also applied topically for the treatment of burns, cuts, rashes and stings. People can eat papaya to strengthen the blood, aid liver functions and battle malaria. Due to its rich vitamin C and carotene contents, papaya helps fight oxidization and is good for the cardiovascular system. The fruit can be particularly good for people suffering from diabetes and atherosclerosis. It also intensifies immune resistance and helps prevent colon cancer. Papaya is rich in fibrous matter so it also decreases cholesterol.

Here are some specific papaya-based remedies:

Nourish the spleen, stomach and liver; reduce coughing and dissolve sputum

Slice a ripe, peeled papaya into medium-sized pieces and put them in a large bowl. Add rock sugar and boil the combination for 15 minutes. The dish is delicious and good for children and adults to eat any day. The dish is a detoxifier and antipyretic, and it soothes the lungs.

Insomnia, heart palpitations

Slice and dice 100g each of ripe papaya, banana and carrot each.

Then grind the mixture with premature coconut milk and add a little honey for sweetness. Mix the beverage in a blender, then drink once a day for two days.

Relief from gastritis

Mix 30g each of sliced papaya, apple and sugar-cane. Cover them with water and simmer in a pot until the mixture boils fully.

Cough and lung problems

Simmer 100g of diced papaya and 30g of sugar candy with water for 15 minutes. Patients should enjoy the dish until the cough stops.


Pound papaya leaves and apply to the pimples.

Produce more milk for breast feeding

Drink a stew made from pig's legs and green papaya.

Strengthen vertebrae

Rub papaya seeds until their mucus disappears. Then put them in a small bag and pound them. Cover the aching areas of the spine with the pounded seeds for 30 minutes. If you feel a burning sensation, remove the seeds. The remedy should be used once a day for 20 days.

Kill pinworms

Eating a full ripe papaya in the morning for five days will help kill pinworms.

Cure burning urination

Simmer 200g of fresh papaya root with water and drink two bowls of the beverage, instead of water, for a whole day.

Improve eyesight

Adults should eat three bowls of papaya everyday to slow declining eyesight because papaya contains more carotene than most fruits.

Healthy skin

No need to use expensive cosmetics. Women can make themselves a mask with papaya: crush a ripe papaya and cover your face with the pulp for 15 minutes. Then wash your face as normal. Your face will be softer and smoother than normal and the skin will not be spotty. Or you can blend a ripe papaya, fresh milk and honey for a refreshing beverage to rejuvenate the skin and brighten its color.

The best times to eat papaya for certain ailments:

"¢ Eat 100g of papaya at 8 a.m. to kill intestinal and stomach pains

"¢ Eat 200g of papaya at 9 a.m. or

"¢ 100g of papaya at 8 p.m. to purify the blood

"¢ Eat 200g of papaya at 10 a.m. and eat 200g of papaya covered with white sugar at 9 p.m. to cure liver problems

"¢ Eat 200g of papaya at 11 a.m. to cure dryness of the esophagus

"¢ Eat 100g of papaya covered with liquorice powder at 1 p.m. to cure indigestion after a large lunch

"¢ Eat 100g of papaya at 2 p.m. to treat halitosis

"¢ Eat 200g of papaya at 3 p.m. to relieve intestinal pain

"¢ Eat 100g of papaya covered with honey at 4 p.m. to control high blood pressure

"¢ Eat 200g of papaya at 5 p.m. to fight diabetes

"¢ Eat 200g of papaya at 7 p.m. to relax after a stressful day

"¢ Eat 200g of papaya covered with salt at 10 p.m. to treat sore throat.

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