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American Orthodontics Association suggests: When children turn 7, parents should bring them to see an orthodontist.

If it is delayed until they reach adulthood, when their bone development is completed, the process of modifying and rearranging uneven teeth is more complicated. However, that does not mean adults cannot utilize orthodontics.

Today with more economic power, people are more driven to make themselves beautiful, it only makes sense to try and have a perfect smile. With the advancement in dentistry, orthodontics can now be an option for all ages, from 7 to 50 and above.

Choosing the right treatment

In case what you need is a pre-orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist will devise you a particular appliance, which is custom-made for each patient. Since this appliance is removable, it is called "removable appliance."

In case you are receiving an orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist will most likely place a fixed appliance into your mouth, which is a set of braces connecting by an arch-wire.

"¢ Metal braces


Delta Force Bracket System with such a unique design helps provide orthodontist more control over the movement of teeth and shorten the time of treatment, which normally is about one year.

This system is usually applied to difficult cases.

"¢ Porcelain braces

If you really want a better smile but wearing metal braces for 2 3 years scares you, you can ask for porcelain braces. With porcelain braces, aesthetic is not a concern because you will have a set of braces with color closely matching that of your natural teeth.

Now with Clarity Brackets System combined with Ni-Ti Thermal Wire, the time of treatment can even be shortened to only 1-2 years.

Based on your specific needs and goals, your orthodontist will advise which braces will be best for you.

By Lan Anh Dental Clinic (149 Ton Dat Tien St., Kenh Dao, Phu My Hung, Dist. 7, website: www. nhakhoalananh. com)

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